GUYS AND GALS GOLF CLUB welcomes couples as well singles to play a fun round of golf one Sunday morning each month.
The tournament formats are different each month, but always use a shotgun start, full handicaps for scoring and a Magic Putt.
Tournaments alternate between the Palm Valley course and Highland Falls.
After golf, we have lunch at the clubhouse and socialize.
Come out and join us!

Our bulletin board at Palm Valley has application forms, signup sheets and tournament schedules. Winners of the tournament will be awarded their winnings at the following month's tournament.

Yearly membership fees are $10 per person and tournament fees are $6 per player.

     If you are interested in joining our club, please contact
     Tournament Chair or Handicap Chair.













Guys & Gals 2018 Schedule







GUYS AND GALS ROSTER 2017 (as of June 21, 2018)
  ABENDROTH, Gary 503-810-8546 gpa61947@gmail.com
ADAMCZYK, Ida 1-303-579-6969 ida12ann@gmail.com
ADAMCZYK, Joe 1-303-204-4568 joeadam43@gmail.com
ANDREWS, Marc 702-685-1169 marcandrews3001@yahoo.com
ANDREWS, Sue 702-685-1169 sandrews39@yahoo.com
ANGELL, Norm 1-925-708-0352 norm@normanangelllaw.com
ARFFMAN, Peter 702-860-7815 psarfffman@me.com
  ATKINSON, Charles 728-379-1985 cwacharles@gmail.com
BARCUS, Amos 702-755-9623/C amosbarcus@gmail.com
BARCUS, Rita 702-540-5707/C ritabarcus@gmail.com
  BAZANY, Betsy 702-254-9287 mbazany@aol.com
BELOATE, James 702-888-3434 jimmar731@gmail.com
X BRIGGS, Robert 702-278-8712 lvbriggs@aol.com
BROW, Ron 219-730-5216 r_brow@hotmail.com
BROW, Bonnie 219-718-2902 bduesing84@hotmail.com
BUCKLEW, Jeanette 702-778-4977 sjsuncity@yahoo.com
BUSSELLE, Pat 702-838-4735 pbusselle@hotmail.com
CLARK, David 702-818-4213 dave.clark3461@cox.net
CLARK, Judy 702-494-7825 jclvnv40@hotmail.com
CLARK, Maxine 702-818-4213 maxymay@cox.net
COLE, Ronald 702-240-1450 ronald.cole21@gmail.com
X CULLEN, Kevin 702-341-7214 pwcullen00@gmail.com
CULLEN, Patricia 702-341-7214 pwcullen00@gmail.com
X CUSHMAN, Bob 702-838-6387 peg1cush@gmail.com
X CUSHMAN, Peggy 702-838-6387 peg1cush@gmail.com
DANIELSON, David 702-331-1633 kirkbrow44@gmail.com
DANIELSON, Rebecca 702-331-1633 kirkbrow44@gmail.com
  DAUK, Billie 1-714-421-3935 b.dauk1951@gmail.com
de DOELDER, Eileen 702-255-1168 ededoelder@aol.com
DELASANTA, Jesse 702-569-6334 delasantaj@gmail.com
DELASANTA, Neska 702-569-6130 neskalora@gmail.com
DERHAKE, Dottie 702-240-4247 dottiederhake@gmail.com
DERHAKE, Tony 1-313-549-1503 tonyd64@gmail.com
X DORSCHER, John 702-363-8024 jd4putt@gmail.com
DRACE, Michael 702-970-2442 m2drace@mac.com
X DUBUC, Robert 702-451-5302 madlinrob@outlook.com
FAIR, Lee 702-595-9880 fairlv@aol.com
FAIR, Marla 702-498-9218 lvdnsk8r@aol.com
X FLEGAL, Jesse 1-904-310-0880 cwawerna@gmail.com
GERBER, Patricia 702-217-9622 pattylmitchell@haotmail.com
GINSBURG, Vera 702-360-3535 othrgrl@aol.com
GREEN, Stan 1-515-556-1186 sjsuncity@yahoo.com
X GREGORY, Larry 1-602-432-7191 gplarry.44@gmail.com
GRUNDY, GAIL 1-714-264-2066 gailp3@pacbell.net
HALL, Terry 702-242-1415 1terryhall@gmail.com
HALVERSON, Leslie 702-236-4879/c lhalvorson@printtechlv.com
HALVERSON, Steve 702-236-4878/c shalvorson@printtechlv.com
HAPKE, Paul 702-405-9181 snphapke@cox.net
HAPKE, Sandi 702-405-9181 snphapke@cox.net
HASSIN, Ian 1-561-389-1518 ahassin66@aol.com
HEUSEL, Debra 702-331-3626 dheuselfheusel@yahoo.com
HEUSEL, Fred 702-331-3626 dheuselfheusel@yahoo.com
HILL, Monica 702-854-9011 hilliii69@thehills.com
HILL, Ralph 702-854-9011 hilliii69@thehills.com
X HORSFALL, Patricia 702-685-4429 phorsfall@cox.net
JADLOWSKI, Luka 1-402-290-5338 lukaj55@yahoo.com
JADLOWSKI, Mick 702-478-7667 m.jadlowski@yahoo.com
JAROSZ, Jerry 702-233-8422 jerryjarosz@cox.net
JAROSZ, Stefaynie 702-233-8422 stefayniejarosz@cox.net
JOHNSON, Carl 702-254-8409 carlfjohnson@yahoo.com
X JOHNSON, Carol 702-499-5080/c carolsuzzette@gmail.com
JOHNSON, Jeff 702-395-8937/h joffremjohnson@gmail.com
JOHNSON, Margy 702-254-8409 margypurdue@gmail.com
JONES, Jeffrie 702-970-2442 jeffriejones@mac.com
X KELLETT, Jeannette 702-655-1946 raykellett@cox.net
X KELLETT, Raymond 702-655-1946 raykellett@cox.net
KLEE, Chris 702-232-5053/C calklees@cox.net
KLEE, Dave 702-254-2461 calklees@cox.net
  KO, James 702-586-7787 kojs@cox.net
  KO, Sue 702-586-7787 kojs@cox.net
KRAMER, Chris 1-956-460-3548 mck073176@yahoo.com
KRAMER, Mike 1-956-460-4561 mck073176@yahoo.com
KREUS, Joyce 702-308-1877/c partee2@cox.net
  KUEBLER, Rich 518-428-7014 rich.kuebler@gmail.com
  KUEBLER, Sandra 518-495-5250 sandyk3182@hotmail.com
KUEHL, Gary 702-321-1045 g886ret@aol.com
LAGATTUTA, Marla 702-241-6703/C


LAWSON, Ron 702-804-8896 rlawson17@centurylink.net
X LEE, Jay 702-233-6465 eunyeong-lee@yahoo.com
X LEE, Moon 702-233-6465 leemoonja@yahoo.com
LeFEBVRE, Len 702-838-8840 winston16@cox.net
LeFEBVRE, Linda 702-838-8840 winston16@cox.net
LIMBACH, Andy 1-310-803-0240 limbacha@msn.com
LIMBACH, Marilyn 1-310-529-9322 mrlimbach@msn.com
  LYSEN, John 1-907-978-7115


MACK, Dolly 1-775-747-6143 dollytmack@gmail.com
MCCALL , Susan 702-349-2233 ladybugmc2@aol.com
MCCALL, Kelsey 702-349-7060 kelsey.mccallf15@gmail.com
MCCALLUM, Lois 1-312-513-4580 loisjmccallum@me.com
X MCDOWELL, Donna 702-562-9247 vac61@embarqmail.com
MCGIRL, Patrick 702-365-7644 patsqd@aol.com
MCGIRL, Trich 702-365-7644 gmagolpher@aol.com
MURPHY, Gary 702-255-0007 gmmurphy@olypen.com
MURPHY, Mary 702-255-0007 gmmurphy@olypen.com
X O'MAHONEY, Meg 702-255-9819 megomahoney@gmail.com
PEREZ, Jane 702-778-5078 jlpmlp@cox.net
PEREZ, Manny 702-778-5078 jlpmlp@cox.net
PINI, Beverly 1-412-477-5861 bfpini@aol.com
PINI, Bill 1-412-477-5860 wmpini@aol.com
PUTNEY, David 702-254-8572 putney5@aol.com
X PUTNEY, Kate 702-254-8572 putney5@aol.com
RESNIK, Phyllis 702-366-0630 resnikphyl@cox.net
RIACH, Doug 702-877-9716 mmriach@centurylink.net
RIACH, Maria 702-877-9716 mmriach@centurylink.net
  RORICK, Jeff 1-315-224-7114 jar0524@live.com
SESTO, Jay 1-760-500-9133 sesto.Jay@gmail.com
SESTO, Marty 1-760-500-9132 belle.believes@gmail.com
X SHAHAN, Larry 702-685-4429 phorsfall@cox.net
SHEFFIELD, Wes 702-778-1922 wessheffield@yahoo.com
X SILVA, Larry 702-875-6990 larrysilva46@yahoo.com
X SIMON, Renee 702-280-8286 renee.simon70@yahoo.com
SMITH, Barry 702-685-5548 brrllnsmth@gmail.com
SMITH, Debby 702-685-5548 debby.smith@mac.com
SOKOLSKI, Barbara 702-240-2036 Bsokolski42@gmail.com
SOKOLSKI, Gerry 702-240-2036 gerry.sokolski@mmb-co.com
X SUDO, Masao 702-290-8948/C mjgolf72@gmail.com
X SUDO, Shiyuko 702-234-6801/c Fromjp2008@gmail.com
SUGGETT, Barbara 702-256-2101 honeysuggs@centurylink.net
SUGGETT, Gary 702-256-2101 honeysuggs@centurylink.net
TATSUE, Sumiko 702-562-4856 statsue@gmail.com
TIPPIN, Judi 702-838-4295 paulandjudi@aol.com
TIPPIN, Paul 702-838-4295 paulandjudi@aol.com
  TRIMMER, Janet 702-818-4965 jctjlt@cox.net
  TRIMMER, Jim 702-818-4965 jctjlt@cox.net
UHL, Don 1-720-837-8338 donalduhl@yahoo.com
VAN OSDEL, Don 702-503-0978 runrebgolfer@cox.net
VAN OSDEL, Helen 702-860-2908 helenmathis@yahoo.com
WAISANEN, Larry 702-215-1085 lmwais@icloud.com
WAISANEN, Mona 702-215-1085 lmwais@icloud.com
WARREN, Lonnie 702-545-0315 cgnosprito@aol.com
WARREN, Susan 702-545-0315 cgnosprito@aol.com
X WAWERNA, Carol 1-904-310-0880 cwawerna@gmail.com
  WELBORN, Bernie 702-476-6806 WBW702@GMAIL.COM
WENIGER, Jim 702-804-5262 jfjd9365@yahoo.com
WENIGER, Judy 702-804-5262 jfjd9365@yahoo.com
  WHITING, Janet 702-236-7960 janwhitingmft@yahoo.com
WIGNALL, David 702-880-7081 dcwignall@msn.com
X WILCOX, Jane 702-562-9391 canuck.mjane@gmail.com
X WILCOX, Jim 702-562-9391 janeandjim@cox.net
WILSON, Win 725-221-7927 wmw101147@gmail.com
WRIGHT, Raleign 1-661-478-1507 rmrw52@gmail.com
WRIGHT, Sandy 1-661-478-0076 grammyn3@yahoo.com221
WYNANTS, Lou 702-902-8427 louwynants@gmail.com
ZINGERLINE, Art 702-405-9034 azinger1@hotmail.com
ZINGERLINE, Bonnie 702-405-9034 blzing@hotmail.com
ZINN, Aggie 702-478-9503 azinnlv@cox.net
ZINN, Chris 702-478-9503 azinnlv@cox.net
ZUCKER, Ann 702-497-7457 annzuker@yahoo.com
ZUCKER, Bill 1-310-880-5698 billzucker@yahoo.com